Food for thought 

The reaction and understanding.

When you are exposed to something you perceive to feel offended or in  lack of respect. The experience and your reaction often conceals a judgmental. Embrace this,  your inner darkness in love so that you will find understanding.
By understanding and compassion and acceptance of who exposes you, because this injustice is an act based on their frequency and consciousness and can not be otherwise, and it is quite in order when we all are on the journey towards a higher consciousness. Then there is always a reason for everything that happens so pay attention to if you are wearing something that you need to understand and heal.

With Light Love and Joy.
Siggarp 2015 06 03

To think about. 

What you do against someone else, you are doing against your self, because
since everything is ONE. When this insight is manifested in the majority of
humanity it is that. that will end the conflicts in the world. All that is happening
on Earth now is a part of the ascension process, and your role is to consciously
live in the presence and truth. 

With love, light and joy 
Siggarp 2015 05 09  


Peace and inner Harmony

We strive for peace and inner harmony. For this to be possible to achieve this
optimum requires that we become Master in understanding and managing our
emotional reactions and the knowledge that we have on a higher plane has
made these choices and by our self created these situations to gain experience
in the world of form. So when you respond with understanding and acceptance
and relate neutral then you are approaching, your Masterships over your emotional
reactions that are essential for peace and harmony and inner freedom.

With Love Light and Harmony
Siggarp 2015 04 17

Finding your true self.
Your true self can be found in total presence in the now completely free from
 the constant nagging voice that tries to convince you about who you are.
 In the present, you are free from ego and in contact with your soul energy of
 who you truly are and where you experience joy and harmony.

 With love, light and joy
 Amorgos 2015 04 10

What does it mean to have a true relationship with yoursel
 To have a true relationship with yourself means that you realise who you are,
  who you really are, a divine manifestation of God.
  That you in all situations listens to your heart and follow it to the greatest love
  in unconditional love

  To achieve this, my children, there is only one way and that is by listening to
  your heart and pay attention to what is trying to interfere with you and not let
  you be misled by others' truths.

  With Love Peace and Joy
  Amorgos 2015 04 10

What does it mean to take care of oneself.

  To nurture oneself means to be in our truth in all situations, to listen to the
It also means living healthy. To exercise when we need the energy thats
  generates when the body is in motion. Listening to your body's need for rest.
  Not letting the world of form take over our energy.
  Eating healthy diet and refrain from toxins and even thoughts that can poison
  our system.

  With Love Peace and Joy
 Amorgos 2015 04 09



Is it not true that every day we are surrounded by things which we take for granted
instead of realizing what gifts we are surrounded by. Gifts that we forgot to appreciate
that we should feel deep gratitude for. gratitude for these gifts is actually in fact
attracting further more gifts to be grateful for the influence of the law of the universe.
On a deeper levelwe can with gratitude understand and be aware that welive in a
world of illusion and realize that in reality, all mankind isa single race regardless of
color or nationality with the exact same goal todevelop towards the unconditional
love to re-unite with the source.
We are all one.

With light Love and Joy Jonas
Siggarp 2015 01 17


Greeting as they do in Bali.

Their greeting I interpret as something real nice and loving. Byfingers facing
upwards you let God's light fill your heart.The hands are brought together in
front of my heart shows that I address my greeting to the person's real self,
The soul.
Keeping your hands together shows that we are all one and bow with a smile
to show humility in for each other. Maybe not all at Bali interpret it that way but
personally I feel that this is the origin of this greeting.

With light and love and joy smile Jonas
Siggarp 2015 01 16


New Age

In the new age who are here now will planetary resources will be allocated
not through force but through Love, a process that has already begun.
Those who still hold on to the old will by time not be able to be
remaining in this, but through various events and experiences join
the path of love when the old will be perceived as unsustainable. they will
experience that those who are in love frequency will dissociate
from them, which means that they will feel isolated from its surroundings
until they can no longer withstand the Love Frequencies from the Universe
which all partake of today.

With love, light and joy Jonas
Bali 2015 01 14










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