Sanjo Terapi

SANJO originates from Sanscrit. In Spanish it is SANO and it means Fit, Strong,
Healthy, Flawless etc

Sanjo therapy affects the body's blood circulation and flow of energy, relieves
pain, strengthens the immune system, softens muscles and joints, helps the
body to find inner
harmony and to relax. 

Sanjo therapy strengthens body and mind and releases old tensions that often
are the
cause of physical discomforts. 

Sanjo therapy includes a complete health check-up of the body, including the
inner organs, through a test method similar to kinesiology.

The treatment is based on the result from the individual diagnosis, and lasts
for 45 minutes. 

A few examples where Sanjo therapy has proven to be effective 
Circulation problems
Stress and anxiety
Muscle and joint pain
Eczema and other skin problems
Neck and back pain
Stomach and intestants Candida albicans
Constipation and diarrhoea
Common cold (weak immune system)
Urinal infections
Infections in general, e.g. cystitis
PMS and other hormonal problems
Metabolism problems
The method has been developed by Jonas Ugander during his time as
healer and therapeut. 
The important thing with this method is that the
diagnosis and treatment occurs via bio-energies
and a strong intuition,
partly through touch, and a test method similar to kinesiology. 

Important characteristics of the therapeut is:
- to feel empathy for other people, life and the highest power.
- to have the desire to mediate energies in a loving and compassionate way 
The Sanjo therapeut must be in balance during the entire treatment to
influence the flow of life
energies in the patient's body and meridian pathways.
This focus is essential to be able to reach
deep within (yin level) and to
influence the bio-energies.
Experience has shown that it is necessary to work
with a holistic approach, which means that we
need to consider the patient's
diet, psychological status, relationships and social circumstances
when doing
the diagnosis and giving treatment. 

A weed cannot be removed by cutting it off but it is also necessary to remove
the root system to not allow the weed to grow back again.There are many
Eastern methods that are great, providing you take into account the environment
the patient grew up and lives in. In the western civilization (industrial world)
where people are heavily exposed to environmental toxics, stress, and acid rain,
the old traditional methods are nolonger sufficient. We must balance the
fundamentals of the body, the acid-bas balance, before it is possible to achieve
a result that is sustainable, independant of which method of treatment is used. 
In these days when people are being burnt out, it is also important to change
our train of thoughts and start searching for quality of life. Maybe you also stand
at a cross road in life where you are starting to seek your inner truth to be able
to reach a higher consiousness, learn to get to know yourself and seek physical
and mental health. During these moments, the Sanjo therapeut can be the one
who gives you guidance and the important keys to your higher consciousness.

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