A cours in expanding awernes

We all live in a rapidly changing reality in which we meet both the chaos and
conflict on many different levels. It's easy to feel frustration and hopelessness
for the requirements we have on ourselves, and those we feel from others.
Being a good, well you know all the things we want to be and believe that we
must be. Are we enough? What should we prioritize? Where do we start? Who
am I? What do I want?

During an awareness expanding three-day course, the soul will get a chance to
be heard. Your soul has all knowledge, all wisdom, all you need to get answer
to all your questions. We are moving from being a five-sensory people to
multi-sensory people. With the help by my guidance, you can find your way,
your opening to a greater awareness.


I have over the past 25 years worked as a healer, but have since I was a child
had the power to heal. Over the past 20 years I have held awareness expanding 
courses and have led open meditations. I strive to always conduct the courses
in Greatest Love, Joy and Harmony.


We meditate to specially selected music that affects the cell's vibration and help
us to listen to our inner selves. As a result we can better understand how we
react and act.

The music is structured so that the first stage, about 3-4 minutes brings us to a
higher level of consciousness. The following 3-4 minutes raises the music through
its vibrations up cellular memory, and that is uncomfortable heals in the next
phase in the music. Many times without us even need to know what was the
problem. Each meditation is ongoing for approximately 30 minutes. Between
meditations share those who wish their experiences.


During the three-day course it is an opportunity for you to begin a healing process
that is of highest priority for you. This process brings you closer to your true self,
your soul and all the knowledge and wisdom that are available in such an opening.
This is regardless of what level you are in today.


Give yourself an opportunity to achieve more inner peace, by using simple
techniques and "tools" that you will get home with you, to move forward towards
a higher consciousness!


We start on day one at 2:00 pm-9:00 pm Day Two 9:00 am-5: 30pm and in the
evening we socialize and share with each other and end the evening with a
beautiful meditation.Day three 9:00 am-4:00 pm. We end day three with a healing-
meditation to a very special music going on in 52 minutes for a final balancing of
all the work you have done, where you just are, and receive in love.


It is important that everyone stay overnight in order not to break the ongoing

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