Coments from the Mexico trip

The trip to Mexico was an unforgettable journey into the outer and the inner.


Jonas musical meditations do so that I feel incredibly alive when I can meet my emotions and gain insight and
understanding of myself. I am also convinced that his music helps me to release things to become more whole
able to move on strong that’s how it feels for me. After his musical meditations, I am often high in myself and
can face my own love to everything and myself. In addition, Jonas understanding and support of the process it
could not be better.

Anna's knowledgeable guidance as Toltec teachings on outings in the pyramid field makes us face ourselves, our barriers and given a chance to release here as well. Even Anna sees and understands what we are in and she also support us when we get stuck, and when we are not in the moment that makes it possibility to release.


Jonas and Anna are complementary to a complete processing of the group. In the group I experienced also an incredible community of love and joy that I want to experience again. We'll see if it fits with a new trip eventually.


Thank you for this incredible opportunity for a delightful journey of personal growth. / Eve


Many thanks for an unbelievable amazing journey on so many levels. Am very grateful to have been involved in something as big as this. A lot to digest and it will take time. An indescribable experience. Difficult to find words for everything.

All new friends and everything we did together and for ourselves was such a wonderful positive loving feeling to carry home with us. And the two of you that have guided us in all this, You Jonas and Anna have been absolutely fantastic.

You should at least have a huge THANK YOU from my heart.




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